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How Jimmer Almost Became a Net

He is, as Adrian Wojnarowski writes, a "one name basketball phenomenon", helped by his odd nickname.  Jimmer Fredette (not Jim or Jimmy) has become this season's rising college star, the subject of debates over whether he can make it in the pro's.  He also could have been a Net last June if Rod Thorn had agreed to give him a guarantee.

Fredette, who's averaging close to 30 ppg for Brigham Young, is a little heavier, a little stronger this year, but the Nets liked what they saw when he came in for a tryout last May 6, unsure he should stay in the Draft.  "The New Jersey Nets were inclined to take him in the late 20s," a source told Woj, "but Fredette sought a guarantee and the Nets’ past president, Rod Thorn, couldn’t bring himself to make the promise" (mainly because he last guaranteed Zoran Planinic).  The Nets had the #27 and #31 picks and traded them for Damion James.