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Dwyer: Blame The Coach for Troy Murphy's Return Home and Demise

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Kelly Dwyer is having none of the stated rationales for Troy Murphy's miserable season: not the multiple injuries that kept him out of practice during training camp or the desire to develop Derrick Favors or the double-double play (and defense) of Kris Humphries.  To Dwyer, it's simply a waste of basketball talent by a temperamental coach.

"Last season, Troy Murphy averaged 14.6 points, and 10.2 rebounds for the Indiana Pacers, spread out over 32.6 minutes per game in 72 contests," Dwyer writes. "He pulled in over 17 percent of the rebounds that were available for him to grab while on the court, a very good mark, and shot 38 percent from long range. His Player Efficiency Rating of 18 was a career high."

It's Avery Johnson's fault for not finding a way to use him properly. "You're 28th in offensive efficiency, Avery. You can't find a place for Troy Murphy to drop some shots and create some spacing for Devin Harris' drives and Brook Lopez's  oft-double teamed forays around the hoop? But this is how it works in Avery's world. If it ain't perfect, send it home."