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Ford: Harris Is Still Trade Bait

January turns to February next week and February is for trades in the NBA.  So Chad Ford ranks the "10 players who could be changing uniforms by Feb. 24," not counting Carmelo Anthony.  He ranks them from most likely to least likely. Down near least likely, at #7, is Devin HarrisTroy Murphy?  Didn't make Ford's list.

"The Nets are not sold on Harris as their point guard of the future, and things didn't get better when Harris' former coach Avery Johnson took over the reins in New Jersey," writes Ford. "Harris would likely be part of any Anthony deal the Nets might do. But even if the Nets are really out of the Carmelo sweepstakes, Harris, along with their expiring contracts and draft picks, should help them get another key player."

Meanwhile, Ford's colleague, David Thorpe, hands out rookie mid-season "awards" and calls Derrick Favors "best trade bait."  He writes, "he's done nothing wrong. In fact, it's because he's done so much right...he has been terrific and already acts like a pro, so New Jersey can entertain thoughts of moving him for a star like Melo".

Still a third ESPN writer, John Hollinger, suggests in his chat that the Jazz may very well be ready to trade Andrei Kirilenko, perhaps to the Nets for Murphy, because "the Jazz need to trim their luxury tax bill. I'd be very surprised if he finishes the season in Utah".