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AK-47 No Comments Reunion With Prokhorov, But Doesn't Say No

Andrei Kirilenko wouldn't say yes, but wouldn't say no either about the possibility of him reuniting with Mikhail Prokhorov on the Nets.  AK-47 played for Prokhorov's CSKA Moscow team as a teenager before being drafted by the Jazz.  Prokhorov even tried to buy out his NBA contract three years ago after Russia won the European championship with him as MVP.

In an interview with Moscow's Sport Express, Kirilenko even downplayed the relationship with Prokhorov, noting the two hadn't seen each other in nearly a year and a half. They had dinner just before Prokhorov bought the Nets.  But he admitted the combination of his free agency and Prokhorov's ownership will lead to further speculation.

"You know that the NBA prohibits comment on such rumors," Kirilenko said. "Rumors about New Jersey and me appeared immediately when Prokhorov came to NBA. And I cannot do anything about them. I have no rights to comment on anything".  Similarly, the 30-year-old said he didn't want to discuss reports the Nets might want him in the front office when he retires. "Let's wait two or three years, and then I will make a decision."