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Ratner, Yormark Agree with Kidd: Delays Made Arena Look Unlikely

Thornton Tomasetti
Thornton Tomasetti

Jason Kidd's comments that the Nets won't reap the recruiting benefits of Barclays Center till it's complete may have stung with some fans, but Bruce Ratner and Brett Yormark think he has an argument...up to a point.

In talking with the Times, the two admit the constant delays, caused by litigation, then the economy, made it appear the arena would never get done. "Unless you read carefully, you don’t realize how far along it is and that it’s really on its way," Ratner said. Yormark, aching to promote the arena, said he understood Kidd's perspective. "I agree with him," Yormark said of the comments. "It’s got to be tangible, and now it is. It’s tangible. We’re going to Brooklyn. The arena is being constructed."

Both added that they see no delays ahead, that the timetable for  June 2012 completion date remains on target. Meanwhile, Avery Johnson was in a Brooklyn church Tuesday night, preaching the word of God and pushing the arena. “I’m not looking at New Jersey — I’ve got my eyes on Brooklyn!” he said to cheers.