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As Steel Reaches New Level, Fan in Brooklyn Is Excited By Progress

Brooklyn Trolley Blogger
Brooklyn Trolley Blogger

The Brooklyn Trolley Blogger is a Brooklyn sports blog, with interests in all things Brooklyn like the best places in the borough to find its official soft drink, the Egg Cream.  Mike from Bensonhurst, who runs the site, has been the most prolific photographer of late on construction progress at Barclays Center.

In his latest entry uploaded Tuesday, he writes, "For the first time actually, recognizable details in the structure hint that an arena is being built. Unmistakable characteristics are taking on a familiar form now making my anticipation of Professional Basketball in Brooklyn grow with every steel beam and rivet applied to the structure."

Indeed, steel on at least one side of the arena has reached the third level, the suite concourse, and is now a good 30' above ground level...the arena floor is 25' below ground level. Mike also writes of his anticipation of Mikhail Prokhorov's stewardship of the Nets, noting that in his decision to plug the 'Melo plug, Prokhorov understood "patience is far more prudent than over-paying (through a virtual emptying of the cupboards) for a mistake that may take four to six years to rectify".