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Avery: We Want Humphries Back

If anyone had any doubts that the Nets want to keep Kris Humphries in a Nets uniform next season, Avery Johnson dispelled them big time before Monday's game vs. the Cavaliers.

"We want Humphries back. Humphries is what the Nets are all about. Where we're going, Humphries is our player," said the coach who is credited with turning the 6'9" forward from a utility player into someone who will get votes for Most Improved. 

As for Humphries, he said he wants to stay with the Nets, but has not been given an offer.  Come July, he will be a free agent. He''s currently earning $3.2 million and no doubt he'll want a raise and a long-term deal.  The Nets can extend Humphries this season if they go under the salary cap.  Currently, they are $45,067 over.