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SI: Outlaw Worst Off-Season Pick-up

Zach Lowe writes the basketball blog for Sports Illustrated and has come up with some midseason "awards" not on the NBA's official list...and if you're a Nets fan, at least one is not going to sit well.  According to Lowe's Point Forward blog, the Nets' five year, $35 million signing of Travis Outlaw is the "Worst Off-Season far."

"Only Joe Johnson’s monstrous deal can challenge the Nets’ decision to give $35 million to Outlaw," writes Lowe. "And at least Johnson is productive now. Outlaw is killing the Nets with poor shooting (38 percent overall) and go-nowhere pump fakes, and he’s often miscast as a pick-and-roll ball-handler who can’t pass. It’s early, but this looks like a disaster."