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Cuban Tests NBA With Ref Criticism

Marc Cuban may face more fines from the NBA after criticizing the refs following Saturday's game with the Nets, calling the officiating "bizarre-o." 

"I mean, a guy goes behind the backboard, did you see that with Hump?" Cuban said of Kris Humphries. "Pulled himself up and tipped the ball in. There was a tip, and the support behind the backboard, he uses it, pulls himself up, tips the ball in...crazy."

He also complained about a no-call against Stephen Graham, who he said decked DeShawn Stevenson following a timeout. "That's another example. What the...? If you hit a guy and knock him on the ground, just because the one guy didn't hear the whistle doesn't mean you have carte-blanche to put him on the ground".

Cuban and Humphries exchanged tweets on the game.  It was the second most interesting Twitter exchange involving Humphries Sunday. Here's the first. Cuban also spoke of meeting Mikhail Prokhorov at halftime, "I told him we'd get along great."