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Game 45 - Nets vs. Cavaliers - Monday, January 24, 7:00

This is one they have to win...have to. The Cavaliers have not won a road game since November 9, when they beat the Nets. They haven't won a game, at home or on the road, since beating the Knicks on December 18, 16 long games ago. Included in that stretch was a 112-57 loss to the Lakers, their output the lowest in franchise history.

How bad are they? They are drawing comparisons to last season's Nets, but know this: their 3-21 road record is tied for the league's third worst...with the Nets. In their most recent game, on Saturday, the Cavaliers trailed by just a deuce with 4:37 to play, but Chicago closed the game on a 15-4 run, sending the Wine and Gold to the tough 92-79 loss on Saturday night in the Windy City. Sounds somewhat encouraging till you read they shot 32% overall.

For the Nets, it's a chance to make some headway. They have won five of their last eight at home and have played well, even before Mikhail Prokhorov declared an end to the Nets' starring role in the 'Melo Drama.