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Game 44 - Nets vs. Mavericks - Saturday, January 22, 7:00

"As soon as we have the 13th victory, we can relax," Mikhail Prokhorov said at the end of his New York Times Sunday Magazine profile. On Saturday, as he watches his team from the owners box at the Prudential Center, he may finally get that chance. So far, Prokhorov's visit has been a success, with two wins and nearly universal praise for his decision to walk away from the Carmelo Anthony talks. A win over Dallas (whose owner called him a "p***y") would clinch it...and yes, Marc Cuban may be in the house.

The Mavs are having a tough time after starting fast. They've already lost Caron Butler for the season and Dirk Nowitzki still isn't back to normal after missing a career high nine games. As a result, their big problem is offense.  The Mavericks have averaged 90.6 points while losing seven of eight overall.  One night after snapping a six-game skid with a 109-100 win over the Lakers, the Mavericks shot a dismal 35.6 percent in Thursday's 82-77 loss at Chicago.

But they still have Jason Kidd who recently became the third leading three-point shooter in history, with 1,731.  He's also second all-time in assists, fourth all-time in steals, third all-time in triple doubles and first all-time in the hearts of Net fans.