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Petro Slowly Showing Improvement, Says Feature on Petro's Website

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Johan Petro's official website has a feature on improvement in Johan Petro's game.  According to a writer for, things are looking up!

"In the 33 games New Jersey played leading into January, No. 27 was averaging just 8.6 minutes per night. But in the nine games since, he's received 13.7 minutes per game and the improvements in his game have been visible," writes Devon Jeffreys. "JP has found more of a rhythm on the offensive end and the shots have been falling rapidly. In fact, he's shooting just under 50 percent (20-of-41) from the field over New Jersey's last nine games."

"I felt comfortable the past couple games. I'm trying to keep everything simple, not trying to do too much. Not trying to be somebody that I'm not," Petro said.