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Nets Want to Trade Murphy For Expiring Contract But Teams May Wait For a Buyout at Deadline

Marc Stein reports Friday the Nets want another expiring contract in return for Troy Murphy's $12 million expiring contract so they can maintain cap space this summer.  But the Nets may face a problem in unloading Murphy before the deadline: interested teams may wait to see if the Nets buy him out if trade talks fail.

"The Nets are hoping to swap him for a similar expiring contract before the Feb. 24 trade deadline," Stein reports. "There would be unquestioned interest in Murphy if he went the buyout route and became a free agent -- starting with Orlando, Dallas and San Antonio."  But Billy King says that's not happening.

King also had to step back from his original claim that Murphy has requested a trade.  There was so such request, just a mutual understanding that it was time to part ways.  "I probably worded it a little bit too harshly," King said, adding that the two sides have spoken about Murphy's situation throughout the season.