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Billy King on WFAN: "We’re Done, We’re Moving On," Signals Shift in Team's Rebuilding Strategy

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Some people may think the Nets are harboring thoughts of a last minute, last ditch effort to land Carmelo Anthony. To those people, Billy King says stop.

"We’re done, we’re moving on," King told Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno on WFAN.

Chad Ford isn't buying it, believing that the Nuggets will likely come back to the Nets when they realize they can't get a better deal. And if they do, the Nets will be in a position of power, thanks to Prokhorov's strategic maneuver of stepping away from the bargaining table.

King, meanwhile, lauded the professionalism of his players, almost all of whom had been mentioned in some rumor or another.

"They’re still human beings, and that part I regret. I’m going to meet with them before practice and tell them that, and I’m going to tell them ‘thank you,’ because I think through all of this they’ve been the most professional."

He also seemed to signal a change in strategy, from going after the established star to building through the draft.  Citing the Nets' youth, he said, "If you look at some teams and how they’ve been built through the draft, that’s how they’ve done it. Then they’ve added a player when they need be. You’ve got to get lucky in the draft but also you’ve got to add talent and sometimes young talent is the best way to go.”