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Kim Kardashian Flies From Vegas to Minny: Meets Kris Humphries' Mom

The gossip columnists must all be hung over after covering New Year's Eve parties.  How else to explain the abysmal  lack of coverage of Kim Kardashian's travels?  The TV reality star flew from balmy Las Vegas to frigid Minneapolis just  to cheer on new beau Kris Humphries and meet Humphries' mom, who she sat with at the game!!

(Breathless pause)

This is serious, gossip girls and guys!  All this after erroneous reports she's dating Kanye West! In fact, rather than spend NYE with some celebrity, Kim was seen with her younger brother, Rob.  Humphries was unavailable, playing against the Bulls.  Really, gossip girls and guys, must NetsDaily fill in the gap for you?