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Prokhorov Calls Off 'Melo Trade Talks, Says Decision Is Final

Billionaires don't beg.

Mikhail Prokhorov, saying the negotiations had taken too long and had taken too much of a toll on his team, Wednesday ended talks with the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

Prokhorov said his decision was final and that he was pleased with the efforts of Billy King. The billionaire owner said the negotiations, which began in August, had cost the Nets games.

He said as well that he had permission from the Nuggets to talk to Anthony but no agreement on the final contours of the trade which would have been largest in NBA history, moving up to 16 players and $225 million in contracts.

King also announced that Troy Murphy wants a trade and the Nets will try to accommodate him.

“Really, I am not happy with the way the deal has gone until now,” Prokhorov said. “It has taken too long. It has been played out in public. Certainly it’s taken a toll on the players and I believe it has cost us several games. Games our team, I believe, for sure could win during this period of time.

“I think the management of the team did a great job. But I am instructing our team to walk away from the deal and the meeting that was supposed to be held by our management, tomorrow in Denver with Carmelo, is hereby cancelled.”

In response, Anthony said he would have enjoyed meeting Prokhorov but still wouldn't commit to what he wants.

"Yeah, he's a very interesting man," said 'Melo. "So, for me to just be in the room with him and just have a conversation with him, I would have loved that.  I never told anyone anything. Like I said, I'm pretty sure he was just tired of everything that's going on.  He probably got fed up about it and he just wanted to move on."