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What's the Backup Plan?

Mikhail Prokhorov is fond of saying that the Nets have Plans "C", "D", etc. Plan "A" was getting two free agents to join the Nets last summer.  Plan "B" is the current attempt to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

What's Plan "C", "D", etc.?  Reporters think they know.  Mitch Lawrence suggested Wednesday the Nets could be  interested in Andrei Kirilenko, the Jazz small forward who has "good relationship" with Prokhorov. Prokhorov owned CSKA Moscow when AK-47 played there as a teenager.

Kirilenko in interviews with Russian and Utah reporters Wednesday dismissed it as speculation, but the 30-year-old admitted he'd be interested in a front office job on retirement.

And Chad Ford, in a chat, says he's "heard rumblings about a Luis Scola & Kevin Martin deal with the Rockets" and notes as well that the Nets  "pursued Danny Granger at draft time and could pick up the pursuit again."