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No Timetable Set for 'Melo Meeting As "Worldwide Wes" Tries to Re-Engage Bulls in Trade Talks

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Fred Kerber confirms with "several league sources" that the Nuggets have indeed granted the Nets permission to speak with Carmelo Anthony about joining the Nets, but no timetable has been set for a meeting  Kerber again reports that the underlying deal, which could involve 16 players, is not yet done, the issue being draft picks.

The Nets originally offered two and the two sides have been going back and forth on the third and which pick would be included, Kerber writes.  As for the meeting itself, expect the Nets to pile on the star quality, with at least Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z on board.  Prokhorov is expected to stay in the US until Saturday.

Both Kerber and Al Iannazzone report that Troy Murphy has been told to stay away from the gym, much as Richard Hamilton has been kept out of games in Detroit. Meanwhile Adrian Wojnarowski says that Melo's agent, William Wesley, aka "Worldwide Wes" is now trying to reopen talks with the Bulls. Woj reports the Nets' issue is larger than the picks, involving the Nuggets' desire to add Damion James while dumping Renaldo Balkman on the Nets...who he says are resisting.