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Lawrence: Nets Have Permission to Talk with 'Melo But Denver Remains Reluctant to Deal Their Star Player

Mitch Lawrence reports exclusively Wednesday that the Nets have permission to talk with Carmelo Anthony, even though the Nuggets remain reluctant to give up their franchise player.  In yet another plot twist in the 'Melo Drama, Lawrence writes that Mikhail Prokhorov will discuss a possible meeting when he speaks to the media at 5:30 in Newark.

"Prokhorov and the Nets' bid to get Anthony in a trade before the Feb. 24 deadline remains on hold," Lawrence writes. "But Denver has OK'd a meeting between the Nets and the Nuggets superstar and that could lead the way to a three-team deal that has been in various stages of negotiations for the past few weeks."

In fact, Lawrence suggests a meeting might already have taken place!  Neither the Nets nor Prokhorov would comment on the report.  Anthony is expected to press the Nets about their strategy for building a championship contender once they have him on board. Meanwhile, Lawrence advises fans to watch Andrei Kirilenko Wednesday, suggesting he is on the Nets radar not just a free agent this summer but as a front office type in the long-term. In an interview with SovSport Monday, AK-47 said he'd like to stay in Utah and expressed doubt that Prokhorov would be interested in him, but added, "Who knows?"