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Summers Ready for Change of Scenery in New Jersey

All of the players rumored to be headed to the Nets, all but one is a veteran of at least five years.  That one exception is DaJuan Summers, a 6'8" small forward from Georgetown --and Carmelo Anthony's old neighborhood in Baltimore. 

The smooth shooting 22-year-old has been sparingly used, but is also stuck behind Charlie Villanueva, Tracy McGrady, etc.  Last season, he was also stuck behind Jonas Jerebko, like him a small forward. When Jerebko went down with a season-ending injury, Summers was expected to step up.  He has barely played but has shown he can score.  In the Pistons' 111-108 win over the Hornets last month, he scored eight points in seven minutes.

And unlike some (most?) players on the list of 16, Summers isn't opposed to being traded."I'm just trying to be ready and prepared," Summers said. "I'm trying to get my mind wrapped around it actually happening, even if it doesn't."