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AP: It's Not 'Melo, It's the Nuggets

Tom Canavan, the AP writer who covers the Nets, reports Tuesday that the main holdup is NOT Carmelo Anthony's willingness to sign a $64.47 million extension with the Nets, but the Nets and Nuggets' unwillingness to "to agree on the exact price that will persuade the Nuggets to finally part with their franchise player."

Canavan doesn't detail what the Nuggets want that the Nets won't give up, but does quote "a person with knowledge of the proposed trade" saying the Nets believe 'Melo will sign with them.  "The Nets are not concerned about Anthony's commitment to the franchise for the long term should the trade be completed," he writes, "They are convinced the 26-year-old will sign a $65 million, three-year contract extension if New Jersey, Denver and Detroit can agree on the other parts of the deal."

Earlier Tuesday, there were reports the Nuggets want the Nets to give up Damion James and accept Renaldo Balkman.  Fred Kerber also wrote the two teams are haggling over draft rights.  The Nets are willing to give up two of their own, he reported, but the teams have not reached agreement on the third pick.