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Game 42 - Nets vs. Jazz - Wednesday, January 19, 7:00

When did an "Evening of Russian Culture", sponsored by Aeroflot, become a "Dark Night of Russian Roulette", pushed by the CAA talent agency?  Sometime during the 'Melo Drama, no doubt.  This was supposed to be a big positive for the big Russian, a chance to show off his native land...and his new basketball team. 

Instead, Mikhail Prokhorov might be forced to answer questions about what he wants to do: continue pursuing Carmelo Anthony in face of seemingly neverending frustrations or end the talks and his dream of acquiring a superstar. Nice choice.

Meanwhile, another part of his Russified evening seems to have been tarnished. Andrei Kirilenko, the Siberian-born Jazz star who's a friend of the owner, went from one of two Russians in the NBA to one of 300+ Americans.  AK-47 and his family all became American citizens last week while retaining their Russian citizenship.  The Jazz have been playing well but not up to Jerry Sloan's rigorous standards. They're still 27-13, but a loss to the Wizards brought out concerns over the team's mindset.  Oh to be so lucky.