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Prokhorov To Speak With Media Wednesday, But What Can He Say?

Mikhail Prokhorov will have a media availability just before Wednesday night's game with the Jazz --and the "Evening of Russian Culture", both of which have been overshadowed by Carmelo Anthony rumors. The Nets owner, whose travel plans are closely held, would presumably like to speak with Anthony during his three or four days in the US but as of now, no one will say if that's going to happen.

His big problem is that unless the Nuggets have granted the Nets permission to talk to 'Melo, there is precious little Prokhorov can tell the media about the trade or the extension.  The NBA's tampering rules prevent an owner from talking about another team's player at least in public, limiting what he can say.

Moreover, if the Nuggets grant permission, that would also suggest a deal is done, which would make seven or eight Net players' situation even more untenable. Meanwhile, Henry Abbott of ESPN's True Hoop examines the widely varied opinions on Carmelo Anthony, Superstar.