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Nets Mum on Brooklyn Name, But "Retro Look" Uniforms Possible

In answers to questions on Formspring, the Nets' newest social media venture, team marketing executives declined to say much about the team's new name (once they move to Brooklyn), but noted that the franchise will be "hashing out" the issue soon and are considering giving the team's uniforms a "retro look".

--On whether team's new name will be the Brooklyn New Yorkers?

"We have not made any final decisions when it comes to what our name will be in Brooklyn. We will explore all of our options when that time comes.

"Everyone's opinion matters to us, but we have yet to decide on a name. Those that have been thrown around so far are just rumors."

--On whether the Nets' Brooklyn uniforms will have a "retro look"

"That's something we're considering, but we have yet to come to a decision regarding any of that."

--On what candidates are the Nets considering for the team's new name in Brooklyn

"Honestly we haven't begun exploring those options as of yet, but it's something that we will be hashing out soon."