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In SI Interview, 'Melo Expects Trade; Disses LeBron, Denver Fans; Says Ujiri Knows His Feelings on Nets

In excerpts from an interview that will appear in Wednesday's Sports Illustrated, Carmelo Anthony says he expects to be traded soon but that his departure from the Nuggets shouldn't be confused with the ugly departure LeBron James orchestrated in Cleveland.  Still, Anthony says he is disappointed and surprised with Nugget fans who boo him now regularly.

"People throw away that whole seven-and-half years, and that's what makes me laugh," Anthony told Ian Thomsen in an interview apparently done before the weekend.  "Because I'm like, me? Out of all the people, you're booing me? Out of all the people."  The comment appears to indicate that 'Melo believes blame for his situation lies elsewhere in  the Denver organization.

Anthony also said the impending lockout gives him even more reason, as if he needed one, to sign the $64.47 million extension.

"Is there going to be a lockout?," asked Thomsen.

“Oh, without a doubt,” Anthony responded. “Without a doubt.”

"So that’s another reason to sign the extension now?".


Anthony told Thomsen that Masai Ujiri knows if he'll sign an extension with the Nets, leading others to suggest  that Ujiri wouldn't be this involved with New Jersey if he didn't think 'Melo would sign an extension with them.

Bottom line for Thomsen: "After spending last week in Denver, my understanding -- and no one has told me this explicitly -- is that Anthony would be likely to accept a meeting with the Nets if they could negotiate the terms of a trade. The only reason to stiff New Jersey would be in hope of forcing a trade to the Knicks. But if the Nuggets can't move to Anthony to the Nets, then they may choose to deal him to the Rockets or any number of other teams who have shown interest in acquiring him on a for-rental basis with the risk that he'll depart as a free agent after the season."