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Power Rankings: Sinking Feeling

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If you needed one more indication of how bad things are (really, you don't), the power ranking pundits have one for you. The Nets are headed for the bottom of the barrel, with two of the four top pundits dropping them to #29, their worst showing since late last season when you may recall they won 12 games.

Marc Stein, John Hollinger and Britt Robson all have the Nets next to last, just above the Cavaliers and why not: they've lost six straight and 11 of the last 12. Stein notes Brook Lopez's string of good games, but adds, there's another Brook Lopez, one "whom the Nets hope Melo hasn't heard about: Only two double-digit rebound games all season."

John Schuhmann has them at #28, noting that Devin Harris shot 10 for 30 last week, noting, "yeah, he's distracted." Jeff Sagarin, USA Today's stats guru, remains the kindest of all. He has the Nets at #27...with no explanation.