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Nets in "Constant Conversation" With Nuggets. Balkman, First Round Picks Being Discussed

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Fred Kerber reports that the Nets and Nuggets remain in "constant conversation" on the contours of a three-team deal to bring Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey but have had their enthusiasm "doused" by Anthony's comments regarding a proposed meeting with Mikhail Prokhorov.

Similarly, Al Iannazzone wrote Monday that he believes the two sides are "working toward an agreement now, as we speak, and will continue Monday night and Tuesday". The Nets want this done with Mikhail Prokhorov flying in for an "Evening of Russian Culture" Wednesday, he adds. Prokhorov's expected to attend the next three Nets games, staying till Saturday.  On Sunday, he is hosting a charity basketball game --with top government officials--  in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar

Kerber adds detail to what Adrian Wojnarowski wrote on the Nets' willingness to concede to most of Denver's demands.  He reports the Nets have agreed to give the Nuggets two of their own first round picks, presumably in 2011 and 2013, and are discussing which of three picks obtained in trades would also go to Denver. The Nets have the Lakers pick in 2011 and the Warriors and Rockets picks in 2012. All have protections. The Nets are also expected to take on Renaldo Balkman who has two years and $3.5 million left on his contract. Woj wrote yesterday that the Nets have also agreed to send Damion James to the Nuggets.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Hochman reports much the same without details and suggests the Nets might go along with a lesser deal if Anthony balks at signing an extension, something Nets officials have denied.  If the Nets need someone to bend 'Melo's ear on their potential for "excitement" in Brooklyn, Vince Carter says he would recommend the Nets.