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Woj: Prokhorov, Nets In Danger of Becoming Jokes If He Doesn't Return to New Jersey with 'Melo in Tow

Dmitry Beliakov
Dmitry Beliakov

Mikhail Prokhorov is the richest owner in all of sports, $700 million richer than Paul Allen and multiple times richer than Mark Cuban.  He's written hundreds of millions of dollars worth of checks for the Nets and been seen on massive billboards and "60 Minutes" and the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

But to Adrian Wojnarowski, Prokhorov is close to being seen as a joke.  In a devastating essay, Woj calls the Nets owner "desperate" and says of the 'Melo Drama, "This has become pure folly, and the Nets have allowed themselves to become the punch line."  Woj writes of the trade talks, "If the Nets truly need to sell Carmelo Anthony on accepting the trade and signing a contract extension, they’re a bigger lost cause than they’ve ever been".

Moreover, he says the Nets just keep giving in their trade talks. Now, they've agreed to add three first round picks (including two of their own) and Damion James to the list of Denver's settled demands, having already agreed to give up Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow, etc., etc.  " "The Nets are behaving in a most desperate way and trying too hard to validate Prokhorov’s relevance in the sport. Anthony treats the Nets like the unattractive girl he refuses to tell his friends he’s seeing on the side"

Meanwhile, other writers in other precincts tell similar tales of desperation on all sides of the 'Melo Drama.