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Prokhorov Expected in US Tuesday But 'Melo Meeting Awaits Deal

Various sources report that Mikhail Prokhorov will land in the US sometime Tuesday amid reports that the Nets will not get  permission to speak with Carmelo Anthony about a $64.5 million extension until the three team deal is finalized. Talks continue, the sources add, with discussions centered on  how many picks the Nets will give up and which ones.. 

Apparently, the Nuggets want three picks and while two have been agreed to, the third remains an issue.  The Nets have five first round picks in the next two drafts: their own in 2011 and 2012; the  Lakers pick, protected 1-18, in 2011; the Warriors picks, protected 1-7, in 2012; and the Rockets pick, protected 1-14, in 2012. 

The Nets have more first round picks than any other NBA team which along with the ability to help Denver save up to $20 million this season makes the Nets the Nuggets preferred partner.

There's been no confirmation when or where the two would meet, if indeed they will at all.  However, in the past, Prokhorov has waited til the day of the game to fly to the US, once arriving at Newark Airport less than two hours before the game, a possible indicator that he is saving time on his schedule.

The Nets host the Jazz for an evening of Russian Culture Wednesday, an event Prokhorov had hoped would focus media attention on the team's globalization efforts.  Now, it's likely to focus on the team's Melo-ization efforts.