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Maybe He Just Doesn't Want to Be a New Jersey or Brooklyn

The Melo Drama is now just a comedy of errors.

As Sunday rolled into Monday, reporters were left scrambling from a lack of information or worse, conflicting information. No one seemed to know anything for sure. Bottom line, there was still no indication whatsoever Carmelo Anthony wants to be a Net. 

Ken Berger wrote again what he and Chris Sheridan have been writing for a month: the three-time all-Star prefers New York, Manhattan, not Brooklyn or New Jersey.  Berger argues Anthony could simply take a risk that all contracts will be rolled back after the new CBA is written and tell the Nuggets to stop offering him up in trade talks.

He updated his story Monday morning, with a note that the Nets are still confident that they'll get to meet with Anthony this week. Similarly, Marc Stein tweets, "If Nets expect meeting this week (and they do) and Melo's serious about not wanting one (we'll see), Prokhorov may finally have to surrender" . One thing's a given in all this confusion: Anthony has alienated everyone but Knicks fans.