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Do The Nets Finally Have Nuggets' Permission to Talk with Anthony? Will He Meet With Prokhorov?

The Melo Drama continues...and it's just as confusing as ever.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday, David Aldridge told NBA TV's Vince Cellini that he had just been informed the Nuggets have given permission to the Nets to open talks on that $64.47 million extension with Carmelo Anthony.  Aldridge, who said he believes the Nets have the best offer for the three-time All-Star, called the decision a "big plus" for the Nets in their attempt to get 'Melo.

However, a second source with knowledge of the discussions between the teams said late Sunday night that Denver had not yet granted New Jersey permission to talk with Anthony, who has yet to definitively say whether he wants to play with the Nets even if they acquire Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton. They would join him on the Nets if  the current trade scenario between the Nuggets, Nets and Pistons went through.  Even later, Anthony himself issued a confusing series of comments on the situation, the bottom line of which was he wasn't interested in meeting with the Nets.

"I was just told that the Nuggets have given the Nets permission to talk to Melo one on one," said Aldridge earlier, ".a big plus for them...Sources indicated last week that they believed the three-team deal would be consummated this week."

Marc Stein reported later that Mikhail Prokhorov and the rest of the Nets brass might meet with Anthony as early as Tuesday, possibly at "an undisclosed location". Adrian Wojnarowski similarly reported, "Nets elders, including Prokhorov and Jay-Z, working on meeting 'Melo early in week -- prior to Denver's next game on Wednesday, sources say."  Woj added that the deal's "players mostly unchanged from original Denver-NJ-Detroit 3-way, but draft picks going to DEN for Melo still being worked out, sources tell Y."  In Denver, Chris Tomasson acknowledged the news, but tweeted  Nuggets sources had told him nothing is "imminent."

In his comments, Anthony expressed no desire to meet with the Nets, telling reporters those conversations should be left to management.  "The Nuggets pay me. I can't talk to those people."  At around the same time, Stefan Bondy tweeted that a source had told him, "Nets have NOT gotten permission yet to speak with Carmelo."