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Game 41 - Nets @ Warriors - Monday, January 17, 4:00

There's a game? Yes, amidst the never ending (no longer the seemingly never ending) Melo Drama, the Nets will finish the first half of their season Monday with a Martin Luther King Day matinee in Oakland.  Halfway points are normally a good time to gauge progress but with trade rumors hanging over the team since training camp, how fair can any report card be?

The Nets face a disappointing Warrior team which like the Nets were just bought by a mega-wealthy investor.  Their young perimeter players are their strength, with Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright playing well.  Up front, David Lee is doing well, but in a non-D'antoni offense, his numbers are down. Brook Lopez may be in line for another big game.  Andris Biedrins has not met expectations and is foul-prone.

For the Nets, the big question is whether Devin Harris, captain and trade bait, has checked out. His last two games have not been paragons of effort.  Of course, who can blame him.  In this environment, it seems like every man--and fan--for himself.