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'Melo Jerseys Half-Off in Denver as New Jersey Rumors Mount

Probably the biggest indicator that Denver is done with Carmelo Anthony was written on a sign at the Nuggets store Sunday night, "Carmelo Anthony jerseys, 50 percent off". Officially, word was that the were was "an excess of inventory", but no one believed it.

As rumors mount that Anthony is headed to New Jersey, the "jersey indicator" seemed to suggest, as the Denver Post wrote, "Carmelo Anthony's tenure with Nuggets might be at an end". 

Anthony promised he'll be back for the Nuggets' Wednesday home game vs. the Thunder, but no one seemed willing to guarantee anything then or beyond...not with (unconfirmed) rumors that Mikhail Prokhrov may be flying soon...or is even in country.

Anthony doubted anything was imminent with the Nets.  "I don't know where all this Nets stuff came from, man,'' he  said. "Once the Nets went out there and acquired those five picks, everybody just put everything together... From what I'm hearing, nothing is imminent right now. That's just what I'm hearing.''

The sequence for the trade remains the same: finalize the three-team deal, get an agreement from Melo on the $64.47 million extension, then start shuttling players around the country for physicals.  The Nets would like to get all that done by Friday. One remaining question is when will the Nuggets let Anthony talk to the Nets and will that talk require Prokhorov to fly to Denver.