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'Melo: "Having Chauncey Would Help My Chances" of NBA Championship

John Schuhmann of is not the only one who thinks Chauncey Billups is a winner.  So does Carmelo Anthony.   In a discussion with Denver media Saturday, Anthony spoke about a number of things that will weigh on his decision to sign a contract extension, including the prospects of winning a championship which he said is more important to him than money (but didn't say how much).

"Having Chauncey would help my chances (in winning a championship)," Melo said of the point guard who would join him in Newark if the deal went down. "Me and Chauncey, we talk about bringing a championship (to Denver). I don’t just go out there to just play basketball, just to do it. Winning is on my mind. I want to see that parade go down Colfax and Speer. That was my dream. If I feel like I can’t do that here, then I don’t think this is the right thing to do."  As Benjamin Hochman, the Nuggets beat writer reports, the key word in that is "was", as in "was my dream."

Anthony also spoke of "the uncertainty in the future of the (Nuggets) organization" and the editing of his interview with ESPN.