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'Melo Loves New York, But Won't Say Which Borough

Remember three years ago when LeBron James told reporters that New York was his favorite city and Brooklyn his favorite borough?  Turned out he had never been to Brooklyn.  So take with a grain of salt what Carmelo Anthony told ESPN on Friday.  Or rather what he didn't tell tell ESPN. 

In an interview with Colleen Dominguez, 'Melo said of a return to the city he left at age 8: "That's like the ultimate dream at the end of the day.  Who wouldn't want to go back home to play?" But he didn't, wouldn't or couldn't say whether that "ultimate dream" was playing in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

There were positives as well as negatives in the interview for Nets fans, just as there were for Knicks and even Nuggets fans. 

He acknowledged he has considered the possibility of playing for the Nets. Of Brooklyn, he admitted, "I see what the future holds, they'll move into Brooklyn. ... Me going back home to Brooklyn, opening that arena, I think about all that stuff."  But he added as well, "I haven't even thought about [signing an extention with the Nets]." 

Separately, Brett Yormark told ESPN the arena will be ready for Carmelo or whoever is a marquee player. “Fans like stars,” Yormark said. “They gravitate to stars. Especially in big markets where there’s not a lot of options, you’ve got to give people a reason to believe, a reason to like you."