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Jackson: Expect Emotions To Be High For "Jordan", "Aleksander"

Phil Jackson understands that Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic will be coming into Staples Center Friday wearing their hearts on their sleeves (and in Farmar's case, a new ring on his finger).  He spoke to reporters earlier Friday about the two players, and particularly Vujacic, who he referred by his given name, "Aleksander."

The team even plans a video tribute to Vujacic, who played seven  years for the Lakers.

Jackson spoke about his favorite Vujacic moments, taking a charge at the end of playoff game vs. the Jazz, a couple of game winning shots and of course the two free throws he "iced" at the end of Game 7 when the title was on the line.

"I like the effort he gave us in practice" said Jackson, somewhat emotional. "He was a player who sometimes made mistakes but the effort was always there. His heart was always in the right place...he was really the best shooter we on the floor most of the time."