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Nets Expect Deal To Be Finalized By Tuesday; 'Melo in Nets Uniform By Next Friday vs. Pistons

It's 90 to 95 per cent done, a source tells Fred Kerber.  So optimistic are the Nets, he writes, that the team has a schedule that it hopes will put Carmelo Anthony in a Nets uniform vs. the Pistons next Friday.  Marc Stein, in a series of tweets, reports as well that things are moving ahead in the "reheated" talks.

"The deal could be agreed to principle before Tuesday, then finalized later next week. If completed, Anthony is expected to meet with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov on Tuesday or Wednesday," he writes. "One person directly involved in the trade scenario suggested that if all goes as planned and the deal is finalized, Anthony could play his first game for the Nets next Friday against the Pistons."

Stein reported, "Continue to believe Nets/Nuggets will eventually reach trade agreement in principle. Then Melo finally says binding YEA or NEA to extension...NJN part owner Jay-Z could meet w/Melo early next week to sell extension but sense is Melo will want/need to meet w/Prokhorov, too."

As for the final contours of the deal, Kerber writes "It is believed the Nuggets would like to include one more player in the deal to help with their salary situation, but it would be Renaldo Balkman, not Al Harrington. It is unknown if the Nets would add another player to the deal."