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With Rumors Rising, Final Question Is: Will Carmelo Anthony Sign an Extension With the Nets?

Carmelo Anthony told reporters after the Nuggets' blowout win over the Heat that he will still be in a Denver uniform Sunday vs. San Antonio.  The question is where will he be by the time the Nuggets play their next game on Wednesday vs. Oklahoma City. 

With rumors rising that he will be sent to New Jersey by Tuesday, the big issue now is will he sign?

Marc J. Spears writes Friday morning that he still needs to be convinced, but local writers in New Jersey say while it's not yet a done deal, the Nets front office would not have gone this far, jeopardizing the entire season, without a strong belief he will sign a $64.47 million extension that would make him a Net both in New Jersey and Brooklyn.

Spears writes 'Melo wants a "clearer vision" of the Nets' plans for the future. The Yahoo! writer adds that Anthony’s preference is "to wait to see what other trade options become available for him", according to sources. Still one of those involved in discussions says " ‘Melo can’t have cold feet now. It’s too far down the line. He’s the one who wanted this."

Who would deliver that pitch? Marc Stein says expect Jay-Z will be the opening act.  He tweets, "NJN part owner Jay-Z could meet w/Melo early next week to sell extension but sense is Melo will want/need to meet w/Prokhorov, too."

Meanwhile, Fred Kerber who was the first to suggest a deal is impending writes, "The Nets never would trade for an unsigned Anthony, but they never would have come this far without a firm conviction they could keep him.  Similarly, Al Iannazzone writes, "The Nets remain confident that Anthony will sign a three-year $65 million extension."  Iannazzone, who broke the three-team Melo megadeal story, reports the Nets would lose "at least eight players" and a final deal could have "some new faces as the Nuggets want the Nets to take back more salary".