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Arena Could Be Open June 1, 2012

Thornton Tomasetti
Thornton Tomasetti

A report for the Empire State Development Corp. and Barclays Center bond holders establishes June 1, 2012 as the arena's "early substantial completion date", with the final seating installed by August 7, and the first NBA preseason game scheduled for October 17 of that year.

The January 3 report, obtained by arena critic Norman Oder, states that "based on our computerized progress chart which compares the cash flow amount with the projected construction progress, the project is slightly ahead of schedule".

There remain some minor disputes among the parties in some areas, but the report by consultants Merritt & Harris  does not point to any major problems with the arena or the adjacent transit connection. 

Among the milestones on the construction timetable: steel for the roof deck will be erected starting in early April, the distinctive outer skin will go up in August.  The Nets stated earlier this week that they expected Barclays Center to be open in "late spring/early summer."  Summer begins June 22.