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Hamilton, Murphy Don't Play, But Why Not?

Richard Hamilton didn't play vs. the Grizzlies in Detroit Wednesday night, the first time in his career where he suited up but did not take the court.  His coach claimed it was about "shortening the rotation", nothing more.  Meanwhile, Troy Murphy stayed at home in New Jersey. His coach says he's still suffering from a residual effects of the flu. Maybe.

Both of course are reportedly part of the Carmelo Anthony trade.  As a result, some are suggesting another rationale: that the Pistons and Nets have agreed to keep the two key pieces of their part of the 14-to-16 player deal out of harm's way, as not to risk injury.  As for the smaller pieces that would move between Detroit and New Jersey, Johan Petro played for the Nets, but little used DaJuan Summers didn't play for the Pistons.

Hamilton, though, was not happy.  "I was definitely surprised, you know? Do I think it was a level of disrespect or unfair or anything like that? I'll leave that to ya'll, you know?"  Murphy seemed more resigned to it all. * "We've been dealing with it for some time," he from New Jersey. "Just deal with it and move forward."