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Still Talking, Still Optimistic

Local writers Al Iannazzone in New Jersey and Dave Krieger in Denver both report the Nets and Nuggets remain optimistic that a deal can get done and soon.  While national writers, particularly those from ESPN, have cast doubt on the talks' progress, the local writers say the two sides continue to talk about moving Carmelo Anthony.

"The Nets-Nuggets-Pistons trade of 14 to 16 players that was close to being finalized over the weekend remains a possibility in some form," writes Iannazzone, who first broke news of the 'Melo mega-deal. "The Nets and Nuggets still are talking, still are optimistic and are trying to keep those talks much quieter and away from the media."

One impediment to getting it done soon: a belief among NBA GM's that the Nuggets don't want to devalue the 2011 Nets pick they'd receive by giving Anthony away too soon.

"The Nets and Nuggets are convinced Anthony will sign the extension if they come up with the right deal," writes Krieger, a veteran Denver writer. "Their faith is based largely on the participation of his agent, Leon Rose, who has helped shape the latest incarnation of the deal, in part to serve the interests of another client, Detroit's Richard Hamilton."

Meanwhile, New York, which supposedly is lying in wait for the Nets to fail, appears reluctant to break up its team  chemistry. Donnie Walsh admitted to the Daily News, "I don't have anything going with Denver. Nothing." As for reports Amare Stoudemire texted Anthony to resist the Nets, the Knick forward would neither confirm nor deny it took place.