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Broussard: Talks "Dormant", Trade a "Long Shot"

In his latest tweet, Chris Broussard reports that the three-team trade talks are "dormant" not "dead' but also calls chances that the two sides will reach agreement and the Nets will be able to convince Carmelo to sign "a long shot."

Specifically, he wrote, "proposed NJ-Den-Det deal 'not dead, but dormant.' that means part 1 (reaching agreement). Part 2 (Melo signing) still a longshot."  Broussard's take was the opposite of Fred Kerber's, who blogged, "there was a faint sense of optimism around some on the periphery" of the talks.  Kerber added, "one NBA source maintained something could break after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend".

Broussard had wrote earlier today that no one had heard 'Melo suggest he would be willing to sign with the Nets.  Adrian Wojnarowski had a plainly different report, noting "He’s told two teammates he would ultimately be fine joining the Nets, and pushed his agent, Leon Rose, to help construct a package of players to go to the Nets with him".