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Now, Intrigue in Phoenix

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Now it's starting to read like spy novel.  Beat writers are wondering why Irina Pavlova, Mikhail Prokhorov's New York rep, showed up in Phoenix, then at the end of practice, ushered Avery Johnson off court, perhaps to take a phone call from a higher up.  Reporters' questions and request for an interview were met with a nyet.

Not that it means anything. Pavlova, as president of Onexim Sports and Entertainment Holdings USA, has many duties with the Nets and is listed as No. 3 on the team website, after Mikhail Prokhorov and Christophe Charlier, team chairman. Still, the leak-starved writers were looking for something, anything. Stefan Bondy tweeted that the purpose of the meeting was "not related to basketball".

One thing they did get was a short talk with Devin Harris who may be going to Denver or Portland.  Harris admitted he wants it to be over.