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'Melo, Knicks, Nets, Nuts

It's been a slow news day on the three-team trade talks.  Reporters complain the Nets in particular are locked up tighter than a drum holding a Mafia rubout victim. Mum's the word following complaints from the Nuggets that  someone was leaking unfavorable comments about their owner and GM's competence.  Not pleased.

So absent news, there's been a wave of speculation about whether the Knicks, the presumptive favorite landing spot of one Carmelo Anthony, could end 'Melo Drama 2011 with a Garden Party. 

Not that anyone is reporting the two sides are talking.  No one is.  Has Donnie Walsh even made an official offer?  No one's saying that either. 

Still, Chris Sheridan is rocking the ESPN Trade Machine, Chad Ford is chatting it up; other ESPN writers are offering  helpful advise to Walsh...and Billy King; Frank Isola is taking odds on whether it will happen; Ric Bucher is whispering it's all about a vengeful Stan Kroenke; Ken Berger is tweeting "I told you so",  and Adrian Wojnarowski seems to be tapping into Amare Stoudemire's text stream.  We summarize.