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What Might New Nets Look Like?

Al Iannazzone, who broke the story that launched a thousand speculations, now takes a look at what the Nets would look like if the deal, as last reported, is ever completed.  It's an older, more experienced team without much promise of youth. It's also a team of winners.

Iannazzone writes the biggest winner could be Brook Lopez: "Hasn’t lived up to lofty expectations this season, but with all the attention the three new players would receive, getting good shots would be much easier."  One reason would be Chauncey Billups who while 34 is still " a tremendous leader and playmaker, and still has a knack for hitting big shots."  (The team would also need at least one 10-day contract to get to the NBA minimum 13.)

As for winning, the team would have players with six NBA championship rings (Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic with two each, Billups and Richard Hamilton with one each); an Olympic gold medal (Carmelo Anthony); two NCAA championship medals (Anthony and Hamilton) and one FIBA World Championship medal (Billups).