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Has 'Melo Never Said He's Willing to Be a Net? Writers' Sources Disagree

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There was little news Tuesday out of talks to bring Carmelo Anthony to the Nets, but Chris Broussard and Adrian Wojnarowski disagree on whether the Nuggets star is willing to join New Jersey/Brooklyn, with Broussard writing he's never said he wants the Nets and Woj suggesting otherwise.

Broussard writes that  Nets, Nuggets and Pistons are working on the deal based on a faulty assumption that Anthony would sign a $64.5 million contract extension that would make him a Net for the next 4 1/2 years. But the ESPN writer reports "Melo has never told anyone, not even his reps, he's willing to sign in New Jersey."

Not so, writes Wojnarowski. "He’s told two teammates he would ultimately be fine joining the Nets, and pushed his agent, Leon Rose, to help construct a package of players to go to the Nets with him". However, Woj also writes Anthony has been "has been wildly back and forth on his willingness to compromise with the Nets over the Knicks".

Of course, Broussard adds, the Nets have also never been told that Anthony's not interested in signing there. And it has been Rose who's been helping the three teams put the mega-deal together. The Bobcats, 76ers and Wizards have all been told not to bother trading for Anthony.

After Tuesday's win over the Suns, Anthony guaranteed reporters that he would still be with the Nuggets when they play the Heat on Thursday...and said his wife, LaLa Vasquez, will have no say in his decision. Meanwhile, there are reports the Nuggets are already marketing Devin Harris to several teams, an indication they expect to have him in Denver soon.