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'Melo Trade Could Cost Prokhorov $80 Million in Salary Commitments

Three years ago, Marc Cuban complained that the Mavericks' trade for Jason Kidd had cost him $11 million.  Then, he went out and extended Kidd by three years and $25 million...Piker.

A NetsDaily analysis of the last iteration of the proposed three team deal shows that Mikhail Prokhorov would shell out between $75 and $80 million, more if the trade includes "cash considerations."  That figure, which depends on a number of factors--mostly team options, is based on the net of what the Nets would send out in contracts ($82.8  million) and what they would take in ($163.7 million).

The biggest number, of course, would be the three-year $64.47 million contract extension to Carmelo Anthony, which would kick in 2012-13, after his current contract runs out. But the Nets have also reportedly committed to paying Chauncey Billups his full salary, $14.2 million, next season, rather than exercise a $3.7 million team option.  Prokhorov has already paid out or committed to spending a half billion on the team, Barclays Center, franchise debt reduction and operating losses.