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Amid the Turmoil, Kris Humphries Stands Out...In Many Ways

His name hasn't been included in any of the recent trade rumors for a reason: Kris Humphries has been playing the best basketball of his career and the Nets want to keep him around.  And if the trade goes down, his value will go up since he will be the only true power forward on the roster. The others, Shelden Williams and Travis Outlaw, are a converted center and small forward.

One thing that has made him special is his rebounding.  With a 36-inch vertical leap and a nose for the ball, Humphries now ranks fifth in the NBA in rebounding rate, the percentage of missed shots a player grabs when in the game. But perhaps more critical is his understanding of what he has to do when on the floor. 

"Anytime you're on a team you have to figure out where the team needs you and how the team needs you to play," Humphries said. Off-the-court, Humphries' friend Kim Kardashian told E! Online that she and he are "dating".  Other reports indicate that Humphries will be part of the Kardashian sisters' reality TV show this year.