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Power Rankings: Short Shelf Life Edition

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In the next few days (or weeks), as many as 14 NBA players will board planes for new destinations (or not), shuffling the power structure of three teams (or none). So John Schuhmann, Marc Stein, et al have a tough job sorting out who will be where in the power rankings.

Ranking the Nets' current team is no problem. They are, in everyone's ranking #28...with an asterisk related to the uncertainty and distraction trade talks bring to a team.

Schuhmann: "When a team loses back-to-back games to the Wizards and Bucks by a combined 43 points, it's hard to believe that it's not being effected by the rumors that have almost every player on the roster being traded. The Nets need this deal, because they've reached the point of no return"

Stein: "It's not something that compares to anything happening on the Melo front, but having 10 wins at this stage is a moderately sized deal for a team that (A) is in Melo limbo and (B) didn't win that many last season until March 29.

Stats guys John Hollinger and Jeff Sagarin don't comment on their rankings, but they agree.