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Nuggets Want Third Nets' Pick, Harrington and Balkman Added

Chris Broussard reports the hold-up in the three team Carmelo Anthony trade is about the Nuggets' desire to reconfigure the trade and have the Nets take on Al Harrington's four-year, $33 million contract, most of which is guaranteed. Denver would like the Nets to engage a fourth team in the deal, already the biggest in NBA history.

It doesn't end there, says Broussard.  The Nuggets want the Nets to add a third first round pick and Renaldo Balkman to the deal.  Ken Berger tweets that the Nuggets still have their eye on Portland's Nicolas Batum, hoping to parlay this deal into one with the Trail Blazers.  Still, Tom Canavan of AP reports talks are continuing Monday, quoting "a person with knowledge of the discussions." 

One new piece: The Nets have agreed to give the Pistons an undisclosed second round pick for taking on Johan Petro.

The Nets are resisting the request for Harrington, made Sunday night, and hope that Denver drops the idea. Chris Mannix reports that Harrington, a New Jersey native, wanted to sign with the Nets this off-season but they weren't interested.  The hold-up, Broussard adds, has nothing to do with Chauncey Billups' reluctance to join the Nets.  New Jersey has solved that issue by promising not to exercise the buyout option on Billups' last season, which would guarantee him $10 million, the difference between a buyout and his salary.

Billups will not practice Monday, says Woj. He's complaining of a headache.  We can commiserate.